Strategy Innovation is not an innovation strategy. It is more. Strategy Innovation is the innovation of your organization’s strategy to achieve new sustainable growth. Every organization requires it, sooner or later. Innovation strategies, blue ocean opportunities, disruptive opportunities and other opportunities – incremental to breakthrough - are all identified through the process for Strategy Innovation.

The approach is pragmatic and rigorous, designed to challenge existing assumptions and generate deep alignment on the critical marketplace insights and future forces that will produce new growth opportunities. It fosters a climate of extreme collaboration. The Discovery Process is repeatable and sustainable for future growth.


Core Values and Beliefs of Strategy Innovation:

Innovation mandate matters.

Practice extreme collaboration.

People support what they help to create.

Plan backwards from a preferred future state.

Creativity is at the heart of all innovation.

Every organization has a Strategic Frontier to explore and exploit for new growth and vitality.

Deep alignment of key stakeholders on a preferred future creates future-pull. The future is realized faster.